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Welcome to Callvoice Communications Co.,Ltd. We are the Turn-Key Solution Provider of Total Customer Relationship Management System. With the objective of being "The leader of the enterprise computer telephony solution provider in Thailand and Southeast Asia". From the beginning, it's more than 20 years of experience in telephony business, As a Computer Telephony Integration Solution Provider (CTI Provider), Callvoice Communications is ensured to deliver world-class products & services within reasonable & practical development time.

Our Solutions

This is sample of our proudly solutions.

Our Services

Contact Center

Make it easy for people to contact your business  when they want to and on the channel they prefer. Both On Premise and On Cloud

Unified Communication

Your business probably communicates in a number of ways: phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, email, SMS, fax, etc.


Engaged, motivated and informed employees are critical to providing the best customer experience (CX). To attract and keep talent, give employees the ability to work anywhere, anytime.

Quality Management

Contact center Quality management systems have evolved over the years, resulting in huge increases in efficiency & effectiveness of agent performance

Safe & Smart Building

Smart buildings are made up of a vast number of systems, but no building can be smart without the proper safety and security measures in place. 

Welcome CAD

Follow the NENA i3 NG911 standard Welcome CAD allowed EMS to improve response times and communication with the public. Technology continues to improve, making CAD more comprehensive and first responders more effective.


Ready to find out more?

"...By the time, we adapted ourselves to the nature of business for the high efficiency in the world of communication. Especially, we have contributed ourselves to support the customer and partner by leading to the success....."

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