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    Your employees are your most valuable resource. A well-trained, engaged staff can quickly solve customer issues and boost the value of your brand. How many of your top agents will still be in your contact center in a year? You need innovative cloud-based solutions to simplify the demanding job of a contact center agent.

Retaining and managing a high-quality staff of employees is more challenging than ever. Today’s employees demand flexible schedules, meaningful work, modern cloud-based and on premise tools, and more. If their needs are not met, your employees will move on. Leaving you to re-hire and train all over again.

    There’s a suite of Workforce Engagement solutions that offer employees the tools and flexibility they demand while still allowing you to meet your service goals for your customers.

    Whether your contact center is big or small, effectively managing your workforce is a huge challenge. Your employees demand flexible schedules, yet as a business, you need adequate staff to provide consistent support, regulatory compliance, and visibility into schedules and forecasts.

Now you can:

  • Engage employees, retain top talent and support work-life balance.

  • Automate your planning, forecasting, and optimize scheduling to match workloads.

  • Gain visibility into what your agents are doing to improve productivity.

    Verint Workforce Management can help you accurately forecast and schedule your employees, while still providing them the flexibility they need to manage their jobs with their busy lives.

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