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Public Safety

Welcome CAD: Next Generation Command Center    

      Welcome CAD is the step of Next Generation Command Center revolution to meet NENA i3 NG911 Standard and be able to share voice and data information that allows Call Taker to serve, save lives and wealth. The variety of emergency communication channels such as voice, mobile, web chat, will flow seamlessly to police, EMS, and Fire Department to perform in front of the field in time.


Why Welcome CAD is Matter?

     While life can’t wait for being rescued, emergency service with full function of MAPs, Location-Based System, Dynamic Knowledgebase for first aid response is needed to be ready. Welcome CAD will

     Improve the emergency Unified Communications: Voice Call, VDO Call, VoIP, WebRTC, Email, Chat, Social Media, and Mobile applications will no longer be an execution of

communication restrictions but will be the most powerful

Unified communications with efficiency information for emergency disaster and location on tracked.


     Improve emergency response for the resilient: Welcome CAD will able to exchange the important information between callers or/and related emergency service department to improve call service time, effective dispatch case to the related department with full information to save lives and property, also able to track the service level to ensure that citizens are taken care JUST in time.

      Reduce anxiety and suggest the right solution for the immediate problem: with Dynamic Script for Emergency Action Flow,  call taker will able to specify the incident type, date, time, and location with the first response to recovery the situation to the caller. Action flow will lead the call taker to the right suggestion and co-operate with the related department to arrive at the place in time.


      Enhance the point of view for the location-based tracking:  Welcome CAD provides MES System (GIS) to ensure that the emergency response unit will arrive at the right place without wasting time, even just in a minute. The system will show the nearest ambulance, fire department, or private emergency rescue center to request for support.


      Provide Command Center with insight data: Welcome CAD provides Clock Crime and Dashboard the real-time data to monitor events and analyze crime trends. It will support the commander to forecast the workload either call takers, dispatchers, or event response unit officers.

      Welcome CAD Application support on Web, Mobile, and Police MDU device which shows since case information, historical script, location, and able to track the patrol car. During the emergency service process, Dispatcher and monitor the assigned patrol car and communication via eLTE device to update the support status.

We are a NENA Member

     With a grand vision of leverage Thailand Emergency Command Center System equal to the worldwide standard,

     Our CEO Wera Thamjarat has selected and implied the most famous NENA NG 9-1-1 as the master concept and became one of NENA member to share the experience which benefits to enhance new services into the public safety area in the future

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