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Callvoice Communications

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Callvoice Commuincations

    We are the Turn-Key Solution Provider of Total Customer Relationship Management System. With the objective of being "The leader of the enterprise computer telephony solution provider in Thailand and Southeast Asia". From the beginning, it's more than 20 years of experience in the telephony business, As a Computer Telephony Integration Solution Provider (CTI Provider), Callvoice Communications is ensured to deliver world-class products & services within reasonable & practical development time.

    By the time, we adapted ourselves to the nature of business for the high efficiency in the world of communication. Especially, we have contributed ourselves to support the customer and partner by leading to the success.

    We are adopted CMMI Maturity Level 3 for development V 1.2 which appraised in July and achieved in August, 2011. Achieving CMMI Maturity Level 3 means the company has institutionalized and all the mechanisms in place to pursue excellence in performing Software Development.

Our Team

    we work our best in each department and division. Our members are working as the family members. We do our work as a team. We are proud to say that Each member tries so hard in doing their best work. This is not only for the internal relation but also in co-operation with partners and customers. There were many activities and events that we had done along with partners for years. It leads us to develop the relationship between the customer and the organization.

    To achieve the goal, our members must develop themselves to be more effective. They have to be trained in order to increase their capabilities. And the success will come because they do their job at goodwill.

    From this personality, Callvoice's people always have eager for success. They are the part of success that connects the organization and customer via new technology innovations.


    All our customers are roaming in the highly competitive customer services. Therefore, our vision is “Grow Together with Customers”. In order to achieve our vision, We provide consultancy with the world-class technology solution for customer’s business-driven & commit to deliver it successfully within time windows business required. Continue improve our service becomes a key success factor. We adopted CMMI guideline as a step-by-step roadmap to pursue greatly customer satisfaction and we are assured to bring out the best to customers at last.

    Moreover, our internal relationship management is a part that we always concern. We encourage all of our employees to work for their best; we have to think of the philosophy that they are our family. We believe that a powerful function in doing business today has come from the energetic working which is derived by our family members. This will carry on our best competitive works in order to lead customers, partners, and the organization to a prosperous future. The new era is coming to the era of "Connecting Innovation".


    To reach the highest goal, we strive to develop and create new technology for the purpose of responsiveness to the increase in the Thai market's demand. Our best support in delivering add-value software for the enterprise, especially, by using CTI and IVR technology. These technologies are well known and applied to daily operations in the organization.

    Today we have many customers and the major customers come from the government and enterprise sectors. Therefore, we will never stop developing and discovering the powerful technology. We will be a part of the customer and partner success by bringing connecting innovations.


2009 – NOW

  • Open platform to new media (Video and Social Network)

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) : Fax2mail

  • Gplus Adapter for Siebel CRM

  • Customer Feedback Management

  • Hosted PBX and Office Mobility for TDM AND IP Platform

  • Thai TTS and ASR partnering with Nuance

2005 – 2008

  • IP Multimedia Contact Center Solution, Live Video Contact Center Agent

  • Impact 360° Workforce Management

  • Hosted PBX and Office Mobility for TDM and IP Platform

  • Intelligent IP IVR Portal by Genesys Solution

  • Fax over IP Solution

  • IP Recording and Quality Monitoring Solution (Witness QM)

  • Turn-Key Solution Provider of Total Customer Relationship Management

  • Multimedia Contact Center Solution for Mobile Operator

2001 – 2004

  • Self-Service IVR Solution on SS7 Platform for Mobile Operator

  • Outbound IVR Solution for Fixed-Line Telephone Operator

  • Audio Text Solution for 1900 Service Provider

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