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Unified Communication


Digitized Office, Intelligent Methodology

One-stop service: Huawei Enterprise Collaboration offers secure, reliable, and trustworthy one-stop office services on the premises or in the cloud, enabling connectivity among conferencing, collaboration, office, knowledge, and equipment and achieving full service convergence. Cloud-edge-device synergy extends services to all scenarios, driving the digital transformation of enterprises.


Endpoint range: Huawei Enterprise Collaboration provides a wide range of endpoints for a variety of use cases, such as mobile office, desktop office, meeting rooms of all sizes, and high-end consultation room, adaptable to specific needs including desktop communications, business meetings, and collaboration & discussion. Video conferencing anytime, anywhere is made possible by cloud-hosted capabilities and endpoint-based access in scenarios such as mobile office and distance education.

An Open Platform, Creating an Industry Ecosystem: Based on an open platform, Huawei Enterprise Communications provides scenario-specific Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and pre-integrates over 10 key industry applications, such as live classroom, command & dispatch, and financial customer services. Huawei has established an enterprise cloud communications alliance to share platforms and ecosystems with about 400 partners, helping them monetize their ecosystems.

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