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Contact Center

Create a contact center that’s on point, not just on call. Traditional call centers only had to provide customer support by phone. Today, contact centers need to handle much more than phone calls. Customers also want support on your website, social media channels, or app.

A simple phone system won’t cut it anymore. You need to be ready to respond in real-time on your customers’ channels of choice.

For that, you need cloud-based call center software with all the essentials built-in. This includes inbound and outbound, from call routing and IVR to email, chat, social media, messaging, screen share, self-service options, workforce optimization, analytics, and easy ways to connect your other business systems. 


Genesys Engage

Genesys Engage combines world-class intelligent routing, real-time contextual journeys, and tools for digital transformation. These capabilities make customer experience your competitive differentiator — setting you up to deliver competitively superior experiences and digital transformation at any scale.

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Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud creates fluid conversations across digital and voice channels in an easy, all-in-one interface. Provide exceptional experiences for employees and customers and reap the benefits of speedy deployments, reduced complexity and simple administration — transforming your contact center into an experience center.

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Welcome Social Contact Center

The in-house product which targets on social contact center operates as a customer care center on social media platforms, and these centers are proving themselves to be a powerful and robust customer service tool. The reason for this is simple: people are living more of their lives on social media, which means they want greater functionality from the platforms. And the immediacy of digital communication is attractive too. Why spend lengthy amounts of time on hold in a phone queue, when you have the option of spending just a few seconds to send a message that is often responded to far more quickly. The reality is that if you are not already leveraging the power of or considering the implementation of a social contact center, your competitors may already be steps ahead of you in their ability to deliver better customer service. Consider the following statistics that provide insight into customer relationships with brands

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